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  Ruen Come In Thai Restaurant  

        Set in a majestic Northern Thai Style Teak Wood House, Ruen-Come-In Restaurant Chiang Mai serves your appetite with Thai and Northern Thai food along with local fruit juices. Enjoy yourself in Chiang Mai-Lanna Contemporary Thai House and indulge the Taste of our recommended dishes.

        There are many restaurants that offer Thai food in Chiang Mai and when you take a tour in the city, you can find many eating venues in Chiang Mai. However, if you try to taste our delicious Thai-Northern Thai Cuisine offerings that have been passed along as family recipes, you will be pleased with your experience and yourself. The followings are what recommended by us and other food critiques.

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ไส้อั่ว | Sai Ur กุ้งมะขาม | Kung Ma Kam ไก่บ้าน | Kai Baan
ยำเห็ดเข็มทอง | Yum Hed
Kem Thong
ปลาช่อนคำหวาน | Pla Chon
Kam Waan
ไส้กรอกเยอรมัน | German
ขาหมูเยอรมัน | German Haxen แกงหัวปลี | Kaeng Hua Plee ผลไม้ตามฤดูกาล | Seasonal Fruit
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Ruen Come In Chiang Mai | Accommodation and Thai food Restaurant
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